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True pioneers in psychedelic truffles.

Our business is 100% family-owned. Our co-founders and senior managers are regarded true pioneers and leading experts in this space. They have a combined experience of 50+ years in research & development, cultivation, harvesting and legal distribution of psychedelic fungi. Our team of 16 staff,  primarily consists of scientists, lab technicians and support staff.


The Netherlands has a long established liberal and pragmatic stance towards soft drug policy and is the most psychedelic-friendly environment in Europe. Over the years, this progressive environment has provided our team with a clear competitive edge in psychedelic truffle development and cultivation knowhow.


Home base: The Netherlands
Sector: Agritech/ Biotech
# of staff:  16
Approximate production capacity: 120.000.000 grams/truffle (annually)
Equal: 200.000.000 Mg combined psilocin/psilocybin


Our business is entirely debt-free and is funded by sales revenues from our high quality (fresh) psychedelic truffles, mushroom home grow kits and CBD oils for recreational use and self-help.

Products are sold in the Netherlands under our own premium consumer brands such as MagicTruffles.com, EZ-Grow and various white labels. Distribution takes place via our own (flag ship) store in Amsterdam, various retail web shops, as well as via a network of licensed third party dispensaries (smartshops).

Over the years, Mycologics BV has built a trusted reputation in the sector, backed by a long standing track record of consistently high product quality. In 2022, Mycologics BV expects to sell more than  26.000.000 grams of psychedelic truffles. Our business is run in full compliance with the permissive Dutch legal regime following the 2008 ban on psychedelic mushrooms.

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Our Founders

Murat Küçükşen
Co-Founder - Science & Commerce
Ali Küçükşen
Co-Founder - Finance & Technology
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