Safety and Care

Caring for safe and responsible use under all circumstances.

A safe product and promoting responsible use have always been key priorities. We also see big merits in market education and engaging with policymakers to take away prejudices and advice on regulatory framework advancements as more jurisdictions are now becoming receptive to potential mental health benefits of psilocybin.


Psychedelic truffles have a low toxicity, are non-addictive and have a relatively low harm potential. We estimate a [very low level / ~2%] of bad trips, when used recreationally. The vast majority  of which is caused by misuse or abuse, for example due to higher than advised doses or combining truffles with certain medicine or alcohol. We are not aware of any lethal doses of psychedelic truffles.

A recent phase 1 clinical trial by King´s College confirms the safety profile of psilocybin with no severe side-effects. In addition, our own customer feedback suggests less adverse side-effects compared to the long-term use of synthetic (chemical) anti-depressant medicines. Further medical research needs to confirm this feedback as well as the effects of the use of psilocybin in the long run.


Based on our proprietary selection of species and substrates, we aim to improve product quality and dosing consistency of our psychedelic truffles. We believe that more precise dosing is a key denominator. Not only for medical development purposes and clinical trials, but also for medical practitioners to feel completely comfortable recommending such alternative medicines or assisted therapies to patients, once approved.


Our recreational use business in the Netherlands demonstrates how we promote and care for safe and responsible use. Product cultivation, and harvesting is pharma grade and distribution is highly controlled. We work with a select and tight network of trusted and licensed dispensaries in the Netherlands, whom we regularly update about responsible use. These smartshops only serve adults and are only allowed to offer standardized small prepacked units up to a prescribed limited number per product per customer. Pharma standards are applied to the information provided on our website and in the user prescriptions which contain detailed instructions and clear warnings for misuse and abuse similar to prescribed narcotic medicines.


We engage in dialogue with (local) policymakers and scientists about the latest insights with regard to the suggested mental health benefits of psilocybin and to discuss current regulatory burdens which hold back progress. Occasionally, we team up with the VLOS, the Dutch interest group for the smartshop industry.

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Please note that we are not able to diagnose, advise, provide acute or chronic care, or make treatment referrals. If you need urgent help, please contact the emergency services or your doctor as soon as possible.