The Opportunity

Tapping a mental health care market that is shaping up for novel psilocybin-based medicine and psychedelics-assisted therapies.

In today’s society, demand for treatment of depression and anxiety is huge and continues to increase. The challenge is growing even bigger due to available anti-depressants resistance and a lack of novel medical solutions over the past years. As many as two-thirds of people with depression aren’t helped by the first antidepressant they try. Up to a third don’t respond to several attempts at current treatment.


According to some of the latest data the depression and anxiety disorders treatment market is valued at US$ 16.8 billion in 2018 and expected to reach US$ 21.0 billion by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 3.2%. These estimates exclude the legal recreational use market which is also starting to open up in more jurisdictions.

We believe the medical market is also greatly underserviced due to a lack of proper diagnoses and care in mental health treatment among adults. In the US alone almost a quarter of adults with a mental illness reported an unmet need for treatment in 2017-2018.


Underlying long term drivers of demand for novel psilocybin-based medicine and use in assisted therapies are strong:

• People are looking for better ways to manage their mental health problems and are becoming less inclined to take prescription medicines that may not give the desired effect and bring along a host of harmful side-effects;

• Individuals with mental health issues are increasingly turning to treatment with natural compounds, as opposed to synthesized compounds leading to a profound shift in demand from chemical medicine to natural alternatives.

• With limited progress made in conventional medicine and psychotherapy, the societal costs of mental illness are mounting; this will prompt governments to become more receptive to novel medicine and alternative treatments, which ultimately could save them a fortune, and;

• Academic data and clinical trials on psychedelics-assisted treatment of depression and anxiety, have so far been very encouraging.


We focus on the millions of people suffering from mental illness who:

• Have become resistant to conventional treatment;

• Can’t stand harmful side-effects of existing options;

• Are looking to supplement existing options, and;

• Who are currently not serviced due to a lack of proper diagnoses and care.


Becoming a trusted supplier of medicinal psychedelic fungi and psilocybin in nascent, legalized markets.

Our mission is to improve the well-being of many more people around the world struggling with their mental health. We aim to achieve this by becoming a trusted supplier of safe, precise and 100% natural high quality psychedelic fungi and extracted psilocybin dosages.


While our vision is long-term, we believe now is the right time to step up our efforts and enter a next phase of development. For this, our strategy is based on the following roadmap:

• Focus on progressive jurisdictions where societal support is growing and potential legalization of psychedelic fungi and its active compounds for both medical development and potential treatment for depression and anxiety disorders is gaining traction;

• Optimize our production platform for truffles and the extraction of psilocybin from truffles for a variety of purposes including:
> development of validated s extraction methods;
> exploration of product formulations for mental disorders based on naturally occurring psilocybin, and;
> development of standardized test methodologies for active compounds naturally produced by fungus;

• Explore the ability to investigate the chemical composition of natural psychedelic fungi supply for mental health treatment, focused on:
> validation of the suggested benefits of psychedelic fungi entourage effects versus purified
> validation of the suggested suitability of truffles versus mushrooms for application in medical use;
> validation of the suggested efficacy of natural psilocybin, also as an alternative to synthetic psilocybin currently used in various clinical trials.

In order to accelerate execution of our strategic roadmap, we are currently preparing the application for an exemption under the Opium Act in our home country, the Netherlands, which we need in order to start research and development in this space.

We believe we can make a real difference if we partner with others and  jointly create a new ecosystem. This requires an open and honest dialogue with policymakers, (potential) business partners, medical scientists and patient organizations without compromising on our business principles.

Partnering and investing for the right reasons

We seek partnerships and additional capital primarily to bolster our in-house product research capabilities and to accelerate roll out of our strategic roadmap.

Our value proposition for partners:
• Jointly establish an ecosystem for the ultimate delivery of safe and evidence-based natural psychedelic-assisted treatments or medicine to fill the gap in treatment of depression and anxiety

• Leverage our state-of-the-art production platform and premium natural supply for medical research, clinical trials and ultimately global distribution;

• Leverage our rich DNA database of psychedelic fungi species and its properties, substrates and breeding conditions for medical development purposes;

• Exchange of knowledge to better understand and advance practices in the space.

Our value proposition for investors:
• Get at the forefront of a movement that aims to validate the healing power of natural psilocybin putting it at the core of a potential novel class of treatments for depression and anxiety in a huge and underserviced market;

• Invest in an entrepreneurial team led by sector pioneers with a proven track record in setting up legitimate and profitable businesses in the production and delivery of psychedelic fungi and adapting quickly to a changing regulatory environment;

• Invest in a cost efficient and environmental-friendly platform that contributes to a circular economy with only limited capital requirements to significantly scale up production;

• Get exposure to a legalized market for psychedelic fungi that is bound to grow as more jurisdictions are expected to open up over the years to come;

• Realise an attractive return on investment upon the delivery of natural psychedelic fungi and/or natural psilocybin supplies for novel medical treatment, only once approved by regulators and governing bodies;

• Ultimately, make psilocybin-assisted treatment accessible for millions of people across the world who benefit from it the most.

We cannot give any certainty that we will succeed in our mission. Psychedelics will only become available for medical treatment once approved by regulators and governing bodies. This could take years.

That said, we are in this for the long run and for the right reasons. We are convinced that healing power of natural psylocibin can benefit many more people’s well-being, whether through psychedelics-assisted psychotherapy or as a legitimized self-care medicine. Our efforts are aimed at bringing this opportunity ever closer to the millions of people who will benefit from this the most.

Disclaimer: There is no certainty that we will succeed in our mission, and if so, it could well take many years.

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